where you find all Go Camper Japan weekly travel tips

where find all Go Camper Japan -weekly travel tips


you are interested to discover the real Japan. Independently. Driving your camping car

so you have signed up to receive the free Go Camper Japan weekly Travel Tips

here is how you can look back at all Travel Tips


Members know more, but do you know all?

I received several questions about how Members can access previously issued Travel tips and information. So here is how you can do it, anytime, in a few clicks. Obviously I assume you have already signed up to the email list. If you haven’t, use the right sidebar. It takes like 30 seconds and you will from then on be part of the incrowd and never miss a thing we discover while campering around Japan.

Access already issued information

Of course all articles are on the website and you can use the tags to search by subject. But as a Member you have another way. You can open the list of all Weekly Travel Tips and find what you need quickly. And don’t forget, the information to our  email subscribers is more complete. And the Ride Summaries have many more details than the ones on the website.

Here is how you access the list:

1. Open any of the Weekly Travel Tips-emails in your inbox and select ‘view this email in your browser’ at the top


view in browser gocamperjapan.com

click to view the email in your browser



2. A new page will open and you will see several buttons in the top bar. Select ‘past issues’


select past issues

use this button to access past issues of the Weekly Travel Tips


3. The list with past issues will appear and you can select anything you like, anytime


list past issues gocamperjapan.com

select from the list of ‘past issues’ by Go Camper Japan!


Now that is convenient, isn’t it?

I hope this answered your question. If not, please leave me a comment or send an email.

And all your other suggestions and feedback is always welcome too!


Create your own unique trip. Go Camper Japan!



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