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Welkom to Japan!


create your trip

what will you see? who will you meet?

There are thousands of wonderful things to see and do

What will you see? And what will you miss…

Go Camper Japan helps you to make the most amazing trip. Your trip!


Ever since we started this website, people asked us to help organise their trip. Why?

  • Some have no time to research

  • Some realise that travelling alone in Japan is difficult for them, without a program to help

  • Some understand that our tips can save them lots of money

    And some… they just like it easy 😉

Go Camper Japan makes it easy , and safe!



See how much your personal program costs and what is included


We know Japan very well. The highlights, and also the hidden secrets. We are experts in enjoying Japan by campervan. We know where you can safely park & sleep. At local spots with amazing views. Which hot springs are better, which roads more scenic.

It often surprises me to hear where people have been. Sure, they had a nice trip. But they could have had an amazing experience instead! They camped at road stations and drove too many toll roads, to save time. They missed that special hot spring and that local festival… Don’t copy their mistakes!


Don’t get stuck at boring road stations, big noisy parkings or expensive campsites!

Don’t miss quiet villages, great hiking and local food!

You don’t come back every year, so make sure you explore the real Japan now!




When we create a trip for you, your Japan camper holidays will be unforgettable, safe and easy!


How does it work?

  1. near Ryujin hot springyou read and research about Japan

  2. enter your ideas and wishes into our create your trip -form

  3. just pay one fixed price, depending on how long your camper travel will be

  4. we create your trip, especially for you, within 1 week

  5. you review it and tell us if you want any changes

  6. we improve and send your final trip

  7. once in Japan; easy! Follow your program with your camper and have an unforgettable holiday!


Wondering what you will get? Click the photos to see an example (under construction)



Learn how we include your personal preferences and wishes in your trip

See how much your personal program costs and what is included

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