how much.. a camper trip in Japan costs; probably less than you expect

Free as bird in my rental camper in Japan? Nice idea but how much is that gonna cost me?

Well, probably less than you expect. And less than hotel+transport+restaurants

Now working on showing you why in numbers, in a simple way.

As a rough idea, think 10.000yen for a campervan to 15.000 -25.000 for a bigger sized camping car, per day. Size decides price and there can be weekend and seasonal surcharges added.

Gasoline and toll roads (if you use them) are extra, insurance is often included
Hotels you will not need and you can cook to manage your budget better. But don’t forget to eat out to enjoy local food too! You will not need to pay for the great but rather pricy trains either, and be able to go anywhere you like.

To be continued!

Create your own unique trip! Go Camper Japan!

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