How to..

camper cars sleep everywhere: Shirakawa-go

camper cars sleep at amazing spots: near Shirakawa-go

How to explore Japan on your own?

Rent a camper car!

Find out how a rental camping car will make your travel unforgettable too



“traveling through Japan by yourself (with 2 young children) is so hard, you will not even enjoy it much. Nobody speaks any English, you can’t read a thing and to top it all of, it is just so very expensive!”


Sure it is a good idea?

Yep, that is what we heard over and again when talking about our plan ‘to explore Japan without a guide, independently and without booking everything in advance.’ The way an adventure is supposed to be. In my opinion anyway.

And that is exactly what you will hear, too


So we did it anyway

And yes, it was a nightmare at times, and as enduring maybe as running a marathon. But you know what? These headaches were mostly while preparing, while organising. Not noticeably more during the actual trip, I mean not more than anywhere else we have traveled. Even though we could not speak any Japanese and the price level is high.

2 happy boys in a camper



Because we figured out a solution; to rent a camper. Driving our own rental camper would be fun and different from all tour packages and tourists out there, AND make the perfect solution to all problems like communication and high costs at the same time.



And it was! This 4-week-ride turned out one of the greatest travel experiences we had, anywhere. So I want share how you can do that too. Without all our headaches of course!



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After reading How to.. before you go you will have realised that actually it is easy to arrange.

You will know about:

  • how much.. your trip by rental camper costs; probably less than expected!
  • how campers in Japan are different from other countries
  • how safe travel in Japan is and 3 basics about handling energies
  • how to arrange your paperwork; visa and driving license facts
  • how to plan your unique trip


After reading How to.. on the road you will have realised that indeed a camping car is a great friend to rent.

You will know about:

  • how to overnight, where to camp in your car
  • how to enjoy hot springs, where to wash and bath
  • how to use Japanese toilets (yes, really)
  • how to wine and dine on your trip, shopping and cooking
  • how to find your way in Japan; navigation by GPS


And there is more to come…

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