tips for everyday

a collection of useful tips and ideas for everyday camper life in Japan

How to.. wash, clean and enjoy yourself on the road; hot springs!

Possibly the greatest thing about camper car travel is that you ‘must’ use hot springs! In this article you can find: how you manage with no or a very limited bathroom in your camper how you use and enjoy hot springs…
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How to.. use Japanese toilets and where; heated seats and cleansing jets

How to..  use Japanese toilets and where; heated seats and cleansing jets Japanese toilets are fun! And more importantly, they are generally very clean. Why the fun first? I will explain in a moment. In this article you can read about:…
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how to.. wine and dine on your camper trip; shopping and cooking

Shopping and cooking on the road: enjoy local food during your camper trip Travel is for a big part about tasting foreign dishes and discovering new flavours. It is also a big part of the total bill in the end….
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members know the backroads and tricks

Go Camper Japan – Member page rent a camping car: your trick to finally be able to discover Japan travel individually but easy, safe and on a lower budget!   Member advantages: More information. For example GPS-locations of all mentioned spots….
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