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rent a camping car: your trick to finally be able to discover Japan

travel individually but easy, safe and on a lower budget!


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  • More information. For example GPS-locations of all mentioned spots.

    Like that amazing-but-hard-to-find lake-side parking with full Fuji-view. Or a tranquil bamboo grove within walking distance of the centre of Kanazawa.

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Unbelievable, nobody knows it!

Can you believe there is a country, exciting and different, safe and with all modern comforts, yet not many travellers dare going there on their own? Let alone venture away from the few well known touristy areas?

Japan is scary and expensive..

Yes, that country is Japan. Because it is perceived as being ‘scary and expensive.’ Because nobody speaks any English so you can’t go at it alone. Because your trip will cost a fortune since everything from hotels, to transport and food has a high price tag.

Your solution: rent a camper car

Well, all above may be true but Go Camper Japan is the solution! The trick how to travel all over Japan by yourself. Easy and safe, without speaking any Japanese. And it will cost less than you might expect. Hire a camper! (also called motorhome, RV and campervan). Be free to stay where you want, and discover the off-the-beaten-track Japan of your dreams!


…enter your email address and receive our free weekly updates. Useful information that helps you create your own unique trip! Go Camper Japan!


What others say

“to be honest, it never occurred to us to rent a camper in Japan. Why? I guess it’s just something that nobody does, so you don’t think about it. When we stumbled upon your blog, we pulled Japan right back up to the top of our wish-list; suddenly that dream seemed possible! And it became an amazingly rewarding holiday. Thank you so much for sharing your information and help, keep on writing, we will spread the word with you!     – kind regards from Boston, Emma and Joel Dujardin”

“…so grateful for your trick on how to combine Tokyo and Kyoto with some untouristy Japan! To add the camping-car-experience just made all the difference. I felt so free and relaxed, going anywhere we wanted, parking to make lunch on the most beautiful spots, sleeping next to a temple in the forest. And all the hot springs we ‘had to’ visit as our bath rooms. Coming back for more would be great though I don’t think so, there are still too many countries I want to see. But a rental camper I will now try anywhere, I feel it’s safe! Thank you and good luck,   Albert and family, Belgium”



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