Price and inclusions of Create your trip

There are thousands of wonderful things to see and do in Japan

What will you see? And what will you miss…

As the experts, Go Camper Japan helps you to make the most amazing trip. Your trip!



When we create a personal camping car holiday in Japan for you, this is what you’ll get:

Your personal day-to-day program includes:

  1. as many of your ideas of what to see and do as possible

  2. PLUS our many extra suggestions and local experiences

  3. every night our recommended spot where to park and sleep safely

  4. a clear map overview of your trip

  5. easy navigation: GPS locations of all places on your trip. Just copy them into your navigation and go!

  6. fun and beautiful hot springs (‘onsen’ and ‘sento’) on your route

  7. suggestions about local food and local flavour

  8. our recommended roads to drive and see our beautiful Japan

  9. useful links to interesting extra information


Free extras:

  • 1 free update. We follow you wishes and include our secrets. After your review, we give you a 2nd version to make sure your program is precisely as you wish

  • Money-saving tips for Japan holidays

  • Tokyo secrets: off the beaten path activities to see and do on your Tokyo days


Paid extras: choose your language!

We always make your program in English, but we can do it in Dutch, French, Spanish and German too! That really makes your holidays more relaxing 😉


How does it look?

You receive your program by email. So it is easy to bring on your laptop or tablet. And it is easy to print too

Click the photos to see an example




Our prices are simple:

  • less than 7 days trip: 150usd

  • 7-14 days trip: 200usd

  • 15-25 days trip: 250usd

  • really? You are traveling even longer? Contact us for a discounted quote


How should you count the days of your camper holidays?

Advice: count only from the day you pick up your camping car, until the day you return it



Extra: choose your language

English is standard. You want German, Dutch, French or Spanish? Only add 75usd to your price. For up to 25 days the same!


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