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camper trips combining famous Japanese highlights with hidden secrets, waiting for you to discover!

‘Hyakumangoku-festival’ in Kanazawa; camper between floating lanterns and gold nuggets

Why Kanazawa is so worth going to and how to camp at a hilltop-parking, overlooking the town For trip details, don’t miss the Ride Summary at the bottom   A bit of luck Once we happened upon Kanazawa in ‘Hyakumangoku Matsuri’…
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Shirahone Onsen: “Mama, do monkeys like hot springs?”

Do you know Shirahone? Big chance you’ve heard of Nagano. Yep, correct; the location of the 1992-winter-olympics. Now Matsumoto. A little harder already. Maybe less if you have been thinking about traveling to Japan before. It is a pleasant town…
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