cultural rides

camper trips in Japan with a higher focus on culture and local activities

Ryujin hot spring

Famous Ryujin: the beautifying hot spring   Named as 1 of 3 hot springs with the most beautifying water in Japan Who doesn’t want to look young forever? Let’s go!   In this article: learn about one of Japan’s top-beautifying onsen:…
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Ise temple or Ise grand shrine

Ise temple or Ise grand shrine   There are thousands of shrines in Japan Don’t miss the greatest of all. Go feel the difference! In this article: what is the Ise temple or Ise grand shrine where to overnight in your camper near…
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overnight in Koyasan

overnight in Koyasan   lines of devoted pilgrims, throngs of school children, even the occasional tourist many types of travellers climb the mountain and overnight in Koyasan; you should too! This post tells you about: ancient Koyasan and why you should drive…
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Kiso valley hiking

Kiso valley hiking Steep, green valleys, farm houses of dark timber and an historical hike through the forest The Kiso valley is magical. Especially when you camp there, after the crowds have left   This article shows you; why the Kiso valley should be…
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‘Hyakumangoku-festival’ in Kanazawa; camper between floating lanterns and gold nuggets

Why Kanazawa is so worth going to and how to camp at a hilltop-parking, overlooking the town For trip details, don’t miss the Ride Summary at the bottom   A bit of luck Once we happened upon Kanazawa in ‘Hyakumangoku Matsuri’…
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