rides in Japan

here are most of our articles. Chock-full of trip details of rides we made in Japan by camping car. Enjoy them for information and inspiration to create your own unique trip. Access all trip categories with the dropdown-menu: Classic, Food, Culture, Family and more!

‘Hyakumangoku-festival’ in Kanazawa; camper between floating lanterns and gold nuggets

Why Kanazawa is so worth going to and how to camp at a hilltop-parking, overlooking the town For trip details, don’t miss the Ride Summary at the bottom   A bit of luck Once we happened upon Kanazawa in ‘Hyakumangoku Matsuri’…
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Never rent a camper car in Japan!

…for your whole trip! To visit Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, renting a camping car really is not a great idea. Inside the cities a car is not value for money, a hassle even. Even though you could sleep in a camper there too…  …
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how to.. wine and dine on your camper trip; shopping and cooking

Shopping and cooking on the road: enjoy local food during your camper trip Travel is for a big part about tasting foreign dishes and discovering new flavours. It is also a big part of the total bill in the end….
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How to beat.. visitors -fatigue? Easy planning tip for expats

How to beat.. visitors -fatigue? Easy planning tip for expats Friends and family visiting Japan is so great but planning the best trips for them, and us, can be a headache. One little idea makes planning so much easier, and the trips together amazing. Also for us, expats. Rent a…
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Shirahone Onsen: “Mama, do monkeys like hot springs?”

Do you know Shirahone? Big chance you’ve heard of Nagano. Yep, correct; the location of the 1992-winter-olympics. Now Matsumoto. A little harder already. Maybe less if you have been thinking about traveling to Japan before. It is a pleasant town…
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