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Noto Peninsula is Japan as it was

Noto Peninsula is Japan as it was Peninsula are bound to be backward and behind. Noto Peninsula, or Noto Hanto in Japanese, is no different. Why? By definition, peninsula turn the other way, face towards the sea, back towards the world. Or,…
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tap water in Japan: drink it or is it not safe?

Tap water in Japan, is it safe to drink? Drive around Japan in your camper and you will get thirsty soon. So, should you keep buying bottled water, or is it safe to drink tap water everywhere? Even outside big cities…
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how to.. overnight with a camper in Japan

The best thing about traveling by camper car is the complete freedom, flexibility and independence. Like that view? Park and stay. Feel like moving on? Okay, let’s go. How to do that in Japan, is it allowed, does it work,…
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