Top 5 Camper sites in Hokkaido

Top 5 Camper sites in Hokkaido

Kinokonosatoaibetsu Top5 Camper sites in Hokkaido

Kinokonosatoaibetsu camp site in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is called ‘the outdoor island’ of Japan for its perfect camping conditions

So don’t miss these top 5-sites to visit with your camping car. Enjoy Hokkaido!



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1) Asarigawa Hot Spring Campsite

20 minutes from the historical city of Otaru, this site is perfect for campers. Campers can visit the nearby hot springs as well as ski slopes and mountains, depending on the weather. The site has lots of facilities to keep the kids happy and there is a nice river to relax and chill out on.

To get there, take the Sasson Expressway from Otaru to Asari IC, then drive down Asari Onsen Dori for 5 minutes.


2) Shiroishi Park

Asarigawa Top 5 Camper sites in Hokkaido

Asarigawa camp site in Hokkaido

Only a short drive from Hakodate and just east of the airport, Shiroishi Park has lots of different sites, from sites with all the modcons to basic and cheap. There are lots of things to rent as well, so why not rent a barbeque kit and enjoy the mountain views?

To get there,  take the 278 freeway past Hakodate Airport and follow the road signs.


3) Kinokonosato Aibetsu Auto Camping Ground

Get away from it all at this easy to access, but very quiet camper ground. While huge, it is a super clean campground, with a scenic lake and forested mountains in the background. It’s in a good location nearby Asahikawa as well, so you can take a short drive and visit one of Japan’s most famous zoos.

The area is a short drive from Naka-aibetsu station.


4) Maruseppu Ikoi No Forest Auto Camp

Maruseppu Top 5 Camper sites in Hokkaido

Maruseppu camp sitein Hokkaido

With it’s own novelty steam train, this is a rather unique place to park your camper! This is another site in the quiet forests of Hokkaido and is well known in the region. You can go fishing in the mountain streams or enjoy some local hot springs as well. Best to book early during the peak seasons, as this place is one of the most popular.

The camp is a short drive south from Maruseppu Station.


5) Kamui Mori Park Campground

This is definitely one to come to with the kids! There is so much to keep them entertained, such as indoor and outdoor playgrounds, large outdoor shaded eating areas and lots of space for the little ones to roam around in. Highly recommended for families.

This campground is located at 〒070-8024, near Asahikawa station.


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